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March 22, 2012

New Internet Tidbits

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What does it take to survive the music business today? Well, Joe Cardamone of The Icarus Line gives a candid and extremely frank interview on the potential hardships which musicians suffer in the age of digital distribution and the internet.

Aside from him talking about how ‘Touch and Go’ went out of business last year and how you just can’t make money as a record label anymore, Joe goes on to talk about how the (inevitable) collapse of the music industry means that “we are hearing a lot more bands but way less decent music. There used to be a process of weeding out. When there was money involved you had to do something to inspire someone make an investment in you. These days the internet has leveled the playing field-which is supposed to be great for the everyman, like, “Your voice will be heard!”. But the everyman isn’t David Bowie, so now there’s a whole forest of Rebecca Blacks to wade through. There will always be great artists, but the tools for them to create their vision will be less and less. No one will ever be able to make Dark Side of the Moon again. Is that a tragedy? I don’t know, but it’s happening“.

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