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March 29, 2015

Kerrang Odds N’ Sods

Due to their lack of sizable scope, the following articles have all been collated from various issues of Kerrang and presented here in one big post. So here goes…

First up is Kerrang #1011 June 26 2004 in which Travis Keller was featured as being 37th in the magazine’s ‘The A-List – The 100 Most Important People in Rock 2004’. Yes, in 2004, Travis Keller was a bigger mover and shaker than the likes of Courtney Love (100), Trent Reznor (87), Brett Gurewitz (62), Fred Durst (54), Marilyn Manson (48), Mark Hoppus and Tom Delonge (44 + 43). Unfortunately for him – and Buddyhead – however, Sharon Osbourne (wife of Ozzy Osbourne) came in at Number 1. Oh well, God bless him anyway.

1-Kerrang #1011 June 26 2004

Next up is Kerrang #1019 August 21 2004 in which the magazine talks about The Icarus Line’s (at the time) forthcoming performance at The Concorde (Brighton). You can check out what the hype-machine had to say below:

2-Kerrang #1019 August 21 2004

In the following issue (Kerrang #1020 August 28 2004), there were two mentions of The Icarus Line as the band geared up to play Reading Festival 2004. Check out both clippings – one about the band’s upcoming performance, and the other a mention of their ‘On The Lash’ single.

3-Kerrang #1020 August 28 2004 1

3-Kerrang #1020 August 28 2004 2

Going back in time to 2001, Kerrang acted as the proverbial taste-maker by highlighting some of best tracks and albums that were released during that year. According to its editorial opinion, The Icarus Line had made one of the best albums / tracks, and ‘Love is Happiness’ song was featured on the publication’s cover CD. You can listen to the track below, and also check out the clipping as proof. And if you still haven’t bought / heard ‘Mono’ after all these years, then you should be ashamed of yourself. Seriously, in my humble opinion, that album still stands one of the best (and underrated) debuts of all time. Hard to believe that it was made by a bunch of kids barely out of their teens.

4-Kerrang #877 November 3 2001

And if you don’t believe me, then here’s further proof. Below is a clipping from Kerrang #852 May 12 2001 in which the magazine argued that ‘Mono’ was one of the best albums of “last month”. Check it out…

5-Kerrang #852 May 12 2001

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