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June 3, 2010

Interview with Joe about JCVSTIL…

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With JCVSTIL coming out in September, I thought that this would be an opportune time to quiz Joe on the state of the record, what the inspiration behind the title was, and why it has taken so long.

1. What was the inspiration for calling the album ‘JCVSTIL’?
I guess the reason the record is called Joe Cardamone Versus The Icarus Line is because the group’s music/name/history has been my albatross and savior. I have been carrying the successes and failures on my back for ten years. Of course there have been people to help carry the load along the way but at the end of the day, I am the one who picks up the pieces.

2. Is the title a thinly veiled response to those who have “helped you carry the load”, and who have then considered the band as a career springboard to move on to more lucrative successes – such as Aaron North for example?

In other words, is the title a raised middle finger response to all of those who have considered themselves as above and beyond the band, those who have aggrieved you, and who have “betrayed the cause” and acted like superstars?
The title isnt really directed towards any individual nor any person at all. The Icarus Line as a living body of work, as a venture, as a sound and a mind frame. It’s a challenge to return to this band year after year and make music for it without wondering “what the fuck am i doing with my life?” or “where is this going?”. I think those are usual questions people ask themselves in life. I dont really see how the title is a middle finger to anyone except myself.

3. Why has the album been delayed until September, even though tracklisting and the album appears to have been completed for some time?
I guess the record isn’t out because I have been trying to work out good homes for Roar Scratch to be distributed worldwide, which can take time. Also I have been really busy with the Giant Drag LP since I finished my record. On to the next one.

4. How many songs are scheduled to appear on the album?
I am pretty sure there are 13 tracks.

5. To what extent will JCVSTIL follow the style of sounds evidenced on the ‘We Sick/Holy Man’ single?
I guess those two give a good first course to the meal.

6. Do any special guests appear on the album (such as Travis Keller) and have any influences outside of the band had a hand in shaping the record (ie songwriting duties etc)?
Annie is on the record in some spots, Ariel Pink is on a track and a couple others but we tend to keep guests to a minimum. The only time I really have guests on a track is when no one in the band is really able to get a part across. There are always going to be influences but I think that the sound of the group is on its own path more than ever. In tens years, I’d like to think we’ve found our own sound.

7. Last but not least, what difficulties did you encounter in building your own studio (Gang Bang Park) and self-producing and engineering the record?
Well, there were great difficulties in mixing the record. It was literally the first mix I had ever engineered with my own hands. No one else in the room to push a dang button. I really lost my mind a couple of times because I was learning at an alarming rate while finishing the record. I think those moments of error and discovery make the mixes raw and exciting. It was an intense process. Like on day 7 I figured out the echo returns… hahhaha. Oh man, can’t wait to do the next one.

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  1. I hardly think the ‘springboard to move on to more lucrative successes’ is fair considering North had left TIL before he joined NIN.

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