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February 23, 2017

The Icarus Line have broken up. Joe Cardamone has gone Solo!

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JC Holy War

According to a Press Release via Drowned In Sound, it appears that The Icarus Line have finally broken up. Founding member, Alvin DeGuzman, is also battling “a very serious form of cancer”, with his illness having a profound impact upon the band’s decision to not carry on.

We felt horribly incomplete without Alvin; it felt like a sin to be performing without him.

With The Icarus Line now dissolved, Joe Cardamone will be forging ahead as a solo artist, and is already being earmarked to perform shows in Europe – with dates held in Milan (Italy), Berlin (Germany), and London (UK). Check out his website for Performance Updates,

The show in London (at The Old Blue Last) is FREE, so get there SUPER EARLY!

The show in London (at The Old Blue Last) is FREE, so get there SUPER EARLY!

Also check out the following short film which was Directed and Scored by Joe Cardamone and which gives an indication of what people can expect from the former front-man. Indeed, “Holy War is a collection of music that was conceived over the last year by Los Angeles artist Joe Cardamone. Bombastic thump returns to the condemned building that holds up the Rock n Roll sign. This film is to serve as a gateway to the world that has been created. A ghetto spell cast. Part dream part reality. Equal parts truths and lies. Holy War is 35 tunes deep and will all see release in 2017. Genre destruction to cope with world problems distraction. This is the crack in the glass, a warning, the tip of the spear.

Joe Cardamone presents Holy War from joe cardamone on Vimeo.

In somewhat unrelated news, there was a thread dedicated to former The Icarus Line guitarist Aaron North on Reddit last month. It made for some fairly interesting reading. Nothing substantial, just confirmation that he was up to some fairly cool stuff with ex-girlfriend Annie Hardy before his band (Jubilee) disintegrated. And speaking of Annie Hardy… she was recently featured (and interviewed) in LA Weekly.

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