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March 22, 2012

The Icarus Line, Fibbers, 11/03

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The Icarus Line have a live review up from their recent live show at Fibbers (York, UK). According to the review, it seems that York’s audience members weren’t nearly as receptive as The Icarus Line wanted them to be.

Aside from the fact that only 20 people turned up to watch support act Sonic Tractor, once “The Icarus Line do amble on stage it is dismaying to see that there are just four members of the crowd anywhere near the stage and one finds it hard to imagine how disheartening it must be for this influential quartet to be performing to an empty Fibbers. To be fair to them they still give things a go where many bands may not have bothered at all. Their bluesy vibes rest somewhere between a stoner rock Stooges and a punked-up Queens of the Stone Age. Focusing primarily on songs from new album Wildlife, the band attempt to get some heads nodding in the paltry audience, but it seems that most of those who have turned up seem totally disinterested in actually watching The Icarus Line at all.

As such it is perhaps not a surprise when, after half an hour or so, frontman Joey Cardamone storms off the stage and leaves his bandmates with little choice but to follow him. Cardamone’s rich vocals may still be reverberating around the room as the band depart but tonight sadly serves only as a reminder that York’s gig scene can sometimes be embarrassingly disinterested“.

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  1. Sunken

    I was actually at this show, I'm one of the four people near the front…all female…

    Was quite a contrast from their show on the Friday before, supporting Killing Joke, that's for certain.

    I was kind of confused why they weren't arsed at all. I saw them in October, in Leeds, playing to less people, and they were similar then, only played 25 minutes but they seemed more bothered then. I don't know.

    Hate to say it, but I think playing to a bigger crowd, one that's not their own mind, is getting to their head a bit. But oh well. Getting too punk rock? haha.

    I just wish they hadn't took their annoyance out on us lot – the people who actually showed up!! I was just getting into their set when they left the stage.

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