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April 27, 2014

The Flight of Icarus

First published in Kerrang May 19 2001, the following is a feature length article that describes The Icarus Line’s struggle in wanting to be taken seriously by people and the music industry, and the lengths to which the band had to go to in order to retain credibility.

Not wanting to sell out, The Icarus Line explain how hard it was to become successful, yet at the same time subvert prevailing fashion and music orthodoxies in order to not emulate all the other carbon copy LA bands that wanted to sound like Limp Bizkit.

08-Kerrang May 19 2001 2

Also contained in the same magazine is proof that certain segments of the market were beginning to take notice of the band, as Kerrang goes on to offer a by-line on how great Mono was as a debut album.

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