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January 7, 2010

Recent Wikipedia Entry for The Icarus Line

Some of you mentioned the recent entry which the band had on their Wiki page as being really interesting and informative. After being re-printed on the STS forum by ‘ald’, I am publishing it here. Enjoy!

1998-2003 Early EPs and Mono Era
Shortly after forming, the band recorded two eps; the first Highlypuncturingnoisetestingyourabilitytohate released on Hellcat, and Red And Black Attack, put out by the short-lived New A.D. label. These eps were tracked at Room 222 by James Bennett. The band’s line up at this time consisted of Joe, Aaron, Alvin, Lance Arnao, and Aaron Austin on drums. After Austin’s departure, the band went through a sequence of different drummers and finally settled on Jeff Watson prior to pre-production for the next recording. Initial tracking began at Rotund Rascal studios with Mark Trombino behind the console, but artistic diffrerences led to his replacement by Alex Newport. In 2001, their first full length album Mono achieved success largely overseas and led to the band’s extensive touring around the world. John Peel was a key proponent for the group’s success in the UK, inviting them to multiple BBC sessions and even mixing a live radio broadcast from their breakthrough perfomance at the Carling Weekender in Redding.

2004 Penance Soiree
Primary tracking was done at Sunset Sound’s studio A, this time with producer Mike Musmanno in the control room and subsequent mixing done by Alan Moulder at Eden, one of Nick Lowe’s favorite studios. The band’s line up at this time consisted of Joe, Aaron, Alvin, Jeff, and Don Devore on bass. This album marks a clear change in style for the band; more droning, psychedelic and blues based parts replace the heavy riffs of the past. Even more noticeable was the change in singing style. Joe Cardamone, growing tired of shredding his throat with the old vocal style, adopted a more tuneful approach that made better use of his distinct vocal delivery. The first and only major label release saw much critical acclaim, but sales lacked despite frequent touring by the band, and the band left V2 in North America over a contract dispute in 2005. During this period, the band also gained added exposure from touring as main support for A Perfect Circle and later Primal Scream.

2005-2007 Black Lives at the Golden Coast
Primary tracking was done at Sunset Sound’s studio B, again by Mike Musmanno with mixing by Dave McNair. With the departure of North in 2005, the band would share guitar and bass recording responsibilities throughout tracking of this album. Released domestically by local independent Dim Mak and internationally by V2, most critics saw this album as an improvement over the previous work. Many fans were surprised with the inclusion of tracks that showed a more pop oriented side, as well as some tracks that showed a more progressive rock influence. The new Icarus Line line-up featuring James Striff and Jason DeCorse on guitars debuted with a tour of some US and mostly Canadian shows in support of australian band Wolfmother. It was also during this time that Dan Monick filmed and edited the band’s yet to be released live recording, “Dying at Little Joy.”

2008-Present JCvsTIL
Primary tracking was done at Sunset Sound’s studio C under Greg Gordon’s supervision with Alan Yoshida handling mastering duties. Additional tracking was completed at the newly constructed Gangbang Park studios. The upcoming album can be most characterized by the greater prominence of frontman Joe Cardamone, who in addition to lead singer and primary songwriter duties has further expanded his responsibilities to include producing and engineering. The end result is painstakingly and meticulously obsessed over, much like previous efforts, but more importantly, sets a new standard for albums that are more cohesive and accurately convey a single artistic vision. Recent live performances have featured new drummer Alan Rosetti. Aric Bohn also performed with the band, assuming bass duties on occasion when Alvin was indisposed. The Icarus Line will be touring soon in support of their upcoming album, “JC vs TIL,” to be released in early 2010.

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