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January 7, 2010

One Day in Los Angeles: A Story of Buddyhead

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I don’t know as to how legitimate this article is, but it’s really funny, and manages to capture the rock n roll craziness of what The Icarus Line were about circa 2004. You can read the full article (along with comments) here, but I am re-posting it on this site just in case the owner of that LiveJournal account decides to close their account one day. Enjoy!

One Day in Los Angeles

A Story of Buddyhead.

I arrived in Los Angeles on a Sunday. That’s really only important because it helps me remember that the next Sunday was the 2004 Grammys, being held in Los Angeles. The Icarus Line had scored tickets to some huge Grammy post-party, (residuals from them being on the Underworls soundtrack) held at the posh White Lotus. This place is so fucking fancy, if you get too drunk to drive home, their valet will do it for you. The valet puts a compact motor scooter in your car’s trunk, drives you home, then drives the scooter back to the club. Every Grammy nominee had been invited.
I arrived at Buddyhead HQ, Travis Keller’s apartment, at about 10:30 that morning. When I walked in, I could immediately tell something was off. The blinds were all closed, there was cigarette smoke in the air, and Travis doesn’t smoke. I entered the living room to find Joe wearing some art-deco fashion shirt that was previously in Travis’ closet, brown sweatpants, and a red bathrobe. Also present is a friend of Joe’s that I knew, and a girl that I hadn’t met. Joe introduces me to her, Monica. Long-time friend of Joe’s, as well as The Icarus Line’s dealer. It’s then that I see the chicken egg-sized pile of coke on the table in front of Joe. Our conversation proceeded thus:
Me: So, is Travis here?
Joe: No maaaaaannnnnnnn…..
Me: Do you know where he is?
Joe: Nooope….
Me: Is Don here? (Don Devore was Travis’ room mate at the time)
Joe: Nooope….
Me: Uh, okay, well I’m just gonna check the Buddyhead emails for today. You know when they’ll be back?
Joe: Not a clue, man….
So I sit down in the adjacent computer room/work center, but within five minutes, Joe calls out “Hey, Rookie, come here”. I walk over into the other room, and he looks at me and says, “Rookie works better for you than Intern. That’s your name now.”
“Alright,” I said.
“So Rookie, you’re going to do this line of coke right here.” and then almost without thinking, he turns towards Monica, and says “And you’ll do it off of her breast.” Before I can say anything, Monica laughs and pops out a huge tit, scoops up the coke and lays out a line on her breast. I turn and Joe’s handing me a rolled-up two dollar bill. I had never done coke before, but here was a musical idol of mine offering it up. Like you would turn this down?
So I do the coke, and then sit down to feel the effects. Joe then says goodbye to Monica and his friend, and they take off. He looks at me and says “It’s time for music class!” For the next hour, we would play records and do coke. Travis and Don showed up, Don choosing to go to sleep, while Travis started smoking pot with us. This was right around the time Kool Keith’s track ‘Drugs’ came on. Travis started toking up as Joe sang along to the choruses in a high falsetto. Travis then decides that we need to get the Captain over. I got pretty excited, since he was the one member of The Icarus Line I had yet to meet, and well, he’s The Captain. Joe called him up, but he had to trick him over. The Captain’s girlfriend disapproved of him doing coke, so Joe told him Travis had some really good pot to smoke.
We hopped in Travis’ car, and headed for the Captain’s. He got into the backseat, and there I was introduced to the man and the myth. After the introduction, he took a look at Joe, and immediately knew something was up. Joe just looked at him and said “We’re doing coke today man.” He initially balked at the idea, but once we got to Travis’, and he saw the pile of blow, there was no resisting.
The rest of the afternoon pretty much followed suit: coke and music. It was pure fucking bliss. Chatting with Joe and the Captain about music, with blow in between.
Alvin came by around 5:00 or so. The coke was gone, but he had a bag of weed, so we dug in. About 6, Joe finally crashed. I should probably explain his condition now: The past three days, The Shins had been in town. The Icarus Line guys got tight with the Shins on their last tour of England. So for the past three nights, Joe had been up on coke and speed, painting the town red with The Shins. For anyone who thinks those guys are mild-mannered: The Shins party like Motley Crue, circa Shout At The Devil. Whereas everyone else had gone home during the days to sleep, Joe had gone home to do more drugs. So that was his condition. Joe fell asleep on Travis’ couch, mid-sentence, about to light a cigarette. He slept for four hours with the cigaretter in his hand.
Which brings us to about 10. Around this time, Aaron showed up. Also, by this point, Travis had decided it would be a great idea for us all (except Aaron) to take some ecstasy and go to the Grammy party. This was another drug I’d never tried. So he had obtained some pure MDMA from a promoter of the Burning Man Festival. This shit was golden. We managed to wake Joe up with promises of more drugs. We had to head to his place to get the invitations, the to the club. We decided to take the pills before we left Travis’. We got to Joe’s, and everything was still cool. Joe changed into normal clothes. But then on the trip to the club, I began to feel a bit warm inside.
When I stepped out of the car, the drugs hit me. BOOM! I’m in a whole new fucking world! I look over at The Captain, and judging from his smile, he was feeling it too. We hit the red carpet, just behind No Doubt. The Captain kept whispering in my ear “Dude, Gwen’s ass! Slap it! Slap it!” But I was way too fucked up; I could barely function. I stuck with Alvin, since I was his “Plus One”. We got in the club, and the first thing I saw was the 7-Up guy talking with Sean Paul. Bummed me out. We decide to hit up the free Grey Goose Vodka and food. We ended up in a small corner of the club, sitting around these tables that glowed a flourescent blue. Joe, The Captain, and Alvin were getting overwhelmed by the Hollywood assholes and the drugs, so they decided to head back to Joe’s and just chill. After they took off, I went exploring. I headed for the dance floor, and the next thing I knew, I was in Snoop Dogg’s entourage. I looked over and he was on my right, in full Pimp regalia. I managed to break away from that, when Aaron grabbed me and pulled me out of the crowd. He couldn’t find Don or Aaron, so we went off looking for them. Along the way, we met up with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and I was introduced. After finding Travis and Don, we sat at a bar and had some drinks. We could see into Snoop’s private room from the bar. Couldn’t see much, but there were girls stripping in there. After Snoop gave a performance in the dace floor area, we headed for the Buddha garden to sit on some pillows. Travis, Don, and I sat and sipped the free booze, tripping all the while. Some girl with fake tits hit on Don.
Gideon Yago came over to see Travis, an I was introduced. Gideon was getting pretty fucking drunk. He decided to come with us back to Travis’ to smoke pot. The party was winding down, and we were getting sick of looking at the twins from Good Charlotte. We head off to find Aaron. He was chatting with Trent Reznor, and he introduced Travis and I to him. Trent told Travis he loves Buddyhead, that he reads it everyday and just laughs. We headed out to the parking lot, and while we were waiting for Travis’ car, the GC twins rolled up in their SUV. Gideon wandered over drunk off his ass, and proceeded to mock them to their face. “You guys are so fucking punk rock!”. They told him thanks, and invited him to another party. He turned them down.
The night ended at with Gideon rolling joints at Travis’ telling stories about Elliott Smith. Some groupie fell asleep on the couch while he was talking. At around 4 a.m. Aaron drove Gideon and the groupie home, Travis and I just crashed.

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