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November 8, 2015

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With the recently released All Things Under Heaven getting pretty good reviews across the board, one more admirer who has come to appreciate ATUH is Ronald of Ronald Says. Arguing that “All Things Under Heaven is an impressive record”, Ronald also states that The Icarus Line have “never sounded so angry as on their new LP All Things Under Heaven. That is a plus for a band that have been around for more than fifteen years, because it often means the music has not faded and the band still has plenty to say”. Check out what else he had to say here.

Joe Cardamone also recently got interviewed by Dangerous Minds and you can check out the full Q&A here.

There’s also a few more (slightly older) interviews and articles that I think might have been missed by fans of the band the first time around. Some of the them may have been featured on this site before, and some of them haven’t. In either case, check them out below:
Killer Pony Tail
Furious / Perfect Sound Forever
Electric Music Magazine
LA Record
Playing With Chaos
Ghetto Blaster
Jigsaw Magazine
Paraphilia Magazine

Elsewhere across the internet, there have been a few people talking about The Icarus Line in their interviews. Check out what they had to say below:
Annie Hardy / Giant Drag – Drunken Werewolf
Jimmy Jackets (otherwise known as Mike Felix) – Campfire Island
Jeff Matlow / Crank Records – Verbicide Magazine
ZigZags – DoLA
Keith Morris (Black Flag) – Mark Prindle
Joby Ford (The Bronx) – Anti Quiet

Whilst not necessarily (present) The Icarus Line related, Mikey Demus (Skindred) talked about Aaron North
here. It kind of makes one remember the Aaron North of old, and whilst there’s still no new information on how he is at present, there’s an old interview with Aaron North (Jubilee era) floating around at Hard Listening. Some people used to talk about Aaron North’s Spin article (and mental illness) here as well, but they haven’t talked about him in a while.

When Aaron North was in The Icarus Line, he made the band a pretty scary live act. So scary that The Imaginary Girls talked about the band’s live performance in 2003. Check out Crank Record’s music video for ‘Feed A Cat To Your Cobra’ to get an idea of what the band was like back then, and whilst it’s not nearly as good as the Buddyhead / Travis Keller edit, it still manages to capture the manic energy of The Icarus Line’s early 2003 days. Check it out below:

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