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May 9, 2010

Danke Schons – AKA: Joe’s new supergroup rock band

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Check out this Virgin Holidays advert which features the one and only Joe Cardamone flexing out his rock-star routines as a member of Danke Schons.

Also check out the following Official Video:

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  1. sell out

    i guess if iggy’s doing adverts it must be”punk rock.”
    This is pretty embarresing.

    • prankster101

      not as embarassing as what j rotten is up to nowadays. now THAT is embarassing.

      joe doesn’t need to worry about sell-out accusations. he has a new record coming out, and judging by what has gone before, it will be a real stomper.

      you’re more than welcome to come back and accuse joe of being a regular sellout once he starts appearing on reality tv shows, or attacks kele from the bloc party, and is denounced as a racist has-been.

      personally, i thought the video was rather tongue-in-cheek. and joe’s behaviour towards his audience has been nothing less than exemplary…

  2. sell out

    Since when did we start judging people by Johnny Rottens standards? that’s like drinking off milk on the standards of cream.

    It’s a shame no one cares about The Icarus Line anymore, imo they should have been huge.

  3. that song is dope. i would totes be a d.s fan, if they were real.

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