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April 13, 2015

Aaron North has a new website…

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It pretty much consists of old Jubilee related blog posts thus far, but Aaron North appears to have a “new” (old?) personal website up. As to whether this signals his desire to carve out his own niche via the internet – and not be associated with other people – only time will tell. But given that Aaron is no longer associated with Buddyhead and Travis Keller, as well as his old Jubilee bandmates, then I would speculate that maybe his new website (for which he has complete ownership of) will spearhead a more singular creative approach. And who knows… Maybe he’ll start his own blog and post excerpts from his own autobiographical book that he briefly talked about in Spin.

“I don’t want to play music any more. That lifestyle and those people — I can’t get involved. That’s why I’m working on a book about what’s happened to me”.

Jesus, that Spin article was written over 1.5 years ago in 2013. Has it really been THAT long? There was a time when you couldn’t get away from that guy, and now you don’t even so much as hear a whisper about him. No articles, no interviews, no caustic opinion-pieces… Nothing. Even his Twitter feed by all accounts is completely dark. It’s almost as if Aaron North has flown completely off the grid. And that’s really sad.

Where did you go, Aaron?

Where did you go, Aaron?

Given that Aaron North’s new website hosts blog posts about Jubilee, I’m hoping that he hasn’t completely given up on music. For despite his earlier Jubilee project having been still-born, I still wish for Aaron to chart a “come back” by riffing out a few more solos and branching out as a singer-songwriter (ala John Frusciante – whose The Empyrean album is amazing).

After the attempted high that Aaron tried to achieve via his Jubilee project as he tried to celebrate life, it was only fitting that the next time we would hear about him would be via Spin as the publication documented his life “After The Crash” as he made his “Sad Descent From Nine Inch Nails to Nowhere”. But now that enough time has passed, maybe he’s finally been able to exorcise his demons sufficiently enough so as to discover contentment, balance and inner peace. I hope so. And I hope that his website signals the start of fresh beginnings. Because it’s been far too long.

Did you hear that, Aaron? You’ve been gone far too long…

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  1. Lisa

    That’s great to hear that he may have or has a new website. Hope Aaron continues to get better 🙂

  2. MichaelG

    Oh, its great that he reopened his site. Maybe it means that he’s going to return? It would be just great. Aaron, come back to us, bro!??

  3. The best part is that there’s a link at the bottom of the updates to buy the digital 4-track Rebel Hiss single. I lost those tracks years ago.

    I clicked the link, completely expecting it to be dead, but it fucking worked. $2.50 later I had my jams back. Damn shame they never finished a full-length.

    Aaron is missed.

  4. ELENA

    Almost 1 year since last comment… and… really nobody knows anything about Aaron North? Jizz.. Why this? Music needs him. I NEED HIM! 🙁

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