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November 5, 2011

Aaron North has a book dedicated to him…

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It’s called… wait for it…

‘Aaron North: Punk rock, The Icarus Line, Industrial rock, Nine Inch Nails, Buddyhead Records, Jubilee (band)’.

Apparently it came out last year (although I’d never heard of it till today). It’s mainly comprised of “articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online”. In other words, someone’s making a mint from republishing freely available content that is available online (namely Alphascript Publishing)

Feel free to purchase it from Amazon, where (at the time of writing) it is £28.

Speaking of Aaron North, does anyone know as to what he’s up to now? Does his Jubilee band still exist, and when is his (vapour-ware?) album coming out? Is Aaron North still even part of the music industry anymore?

Answers in the comment section please… Thanks.

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  1. makeyoucrumble

    From what I have gathered from a shit load of indirect web sites and rumors Aaron is still planning on releasing the Jubilee album. The main problem is raising funds to do it. He has been selling stuff with Annie Hardy on ebay and there are rumors that he is working with her on some projects now (a cover of Wasted by Black Flag went on sound cloud and then was taken down some time after, he played on that).

    The last thing I heard about Jubilee was that the record was done and the EP was recorded (there was even some footage of them recording it on Vimeo!).

    Annie Hardy has apparently prepared an interview with Aaron that will be uploaded to youtube at some point. She has also said that there is a new member of Giant Drag and her blog shows a chaotic video of a band practicing, see for yourself:

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