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August 30, 2015

Travis Keller interviews Joe Cardamone


As part of his ongoing ‘Buddyhead Radio’ series, Buddyhead supremo Travis Keller spends over two hours delving into all things The Icarus Line related this week when he interviews band leader Joe Cardamone. During their rather extensive discussion, and I’m only about one hour in, we get to learn a little bit more about the origins of the band, as well as to why The Icarus Line used to come to the UK so often in their heyday. There’s also some talk about incidents relating to the spray-painting of The $trokes tourbus, as well as Aaron North “liberating” Stevie Ray’s guitar. And if that wasn’t enough, and if you ever speculated as to why My Chemical Romance appropriated a Red and Black uniform look, then you’ll get to hear some theories from Joe himself. In what is an extremely candid interview (where Travis covers all the bases), ‘Buddyhead Radio #10’ sure makes for incredibly riveting listening. Check out the full interview here and below:

Also check out a small teaser trailer for the band’s forthcoming double album (released 02 October) below:

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