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February 26, 2010

Penance Soiree Wiki

Here is a entry about Penance Soiree taken from Wikipedia.

Penance Soiree was the second full-length album released by The Icarus Line. It was one of 2004’s most critically acclaimed releases, and it’s reputation has subsequently earned praise in various publications, including the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

Due to infighting with the band’s U.S. division of their record label at the time, V2 Records, the album, which was recorded in early 2003, wasn’t released until May 2, 2004. Disagreements and aggravations on the band’s end stemmed from the label’s general lack of interest and support, a nearly non-existent promotional campaign for the album, and the group’s control over it’s artwork. The U.S. division of the record label did not invest in even one advertisement for the release, and also made the band pay for the production of their music videos out of their own pocket. These factors have contributed to the album being cited as one of the most underrated and overlooked rock albums of the past decade.

The album was largely self-produced by the band, and then mixed by Alan Moulder. Moulder also contributed some last minute recording and engineering to the album, while mixing it in London with Aaron North and Joe Cardamone at Eden Studios in west London. Due to running behind on schedule, the band were even forced to record portions of the album at Aaron North’s father’s home in Torrance, California, before leaving for London with the project still unfinished. The song “On the Lash” was also re-mixed for the album’s inclusion by Ken Andrews, due to the band being unhappy with the original mix after returning home. The album was mastered by Howie Weinberg in New York City.

This was the last album by The Icarus Line that featured original founder and lead guitarist Aaron North. He also engineered and edited many portions of the album on his own at home.

Track listing

1. “Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers”
2. “Spit on It”
3. “On the Lash”
4. “Caviar”
5. “Spike Island”
6. “Kiss Like Lizards”
7. “Getting Bright at Night”
8. “Big Sleep”
9. “White Devil”
10. “Meatmaker”
11. “Virgin Velcro”
12. “Sea Sick”
13. “Party the Baby Off”


* Joe Cardamone – Vocals
* Jeff “The Captain” Watson – Drums
* Don Devore – Bass
* Alvin DeGuzman – Guitar
* Aaron North – Guitar

* Additional Appearances from:
* Jon Wahl – Saxophone on “White Devil”
* “Dirty Lil Louis” – “Pulse”/808 on “Meatmaker”


* Produced by: The Icarus Line with Mike Mussmano
* Recorded at: Sunset Sound in Hollywood, Platinum Audio in Hollywood, Wet & Dry in Highland Park, Teri Ave. in Torrance, “The Boat” in Silverlake, and Eden Studios in London
* Engineered/Recorded by: Mike Mussmano, Francis Miranda, Anthony Ianaro, Chris Reynolds. Alan Moulder, Rick Levy, Danny Kalb, and Aaron North
* Mixed by: Alan Moulder; except “On the Lash”, mixed by Ken Andrews and Aaron North at Extasy Studio South in Hollywood
* Editing by: Roger Lian
* Mastered by: Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk in New York
* Photography by: Jason Nocito
* Layout by: Matt Sohl

Alternate versions

* In the U.S., Buddyhead Records released a double-vinyl version of the album. This version features the original mix of “On The Lash” by Alan Moulder. The worldwide vinyl release for the album was released in a gatefold sleeve by Sweet Nothing.
* Alternate versions of the song “Meatmaker” were included on the various versions of the album, depending on which record label/territory the album was released.
* The Japanese release of the cd is the only version that included the closest resemblance of the band’s original artwork vision. The concept was to have the album lyrics hidden in the “wings” inside the booklet, which could then only be read when a clear red CD tray was held over it. Due to lack of communication with the Japanese label, instead the inserts were printed incorrectly, and the CD tray was clear instead of red.

Vinyl pressing information

* For the Buddyhead release, 500 double LP’s were pressed on multi-colored, swirled vinyl. The track-listing on many of the labels were incorrect. The vinyl version in most territories included the originally intended album closer, “Hold The Killer Straight”.

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