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January 9, 2010

New Year Interview with Joe from The Icarus Line

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Just so that The Icarus Line could kick off 2010 in style, here is an interview which I conducted with Joe Cardamone for the New Year. Can I just say that I would like to thank him for taking the time out at such a busy time, and I wish the band well for what should hopefully be a great year for us all. Anyway, enjoy!

First thing’s first: let’s recap on 2009 and the “Noughties”. What would you consider to have been your greatest successes and most memorable failures during last year and the previous decade?

Putting the final touches on the new LP was a great feeling – especially after having to scoop up so much audio engineering skills in such a short time. Kinda like if you got locked in the space shuttle and they were counting on you to land it.

Conversely, what would you like to achieve in 2010, and what are your ambitions for “the tens” decade?

I would like to finish another record and various other creative projects that I am working on.

When is the new album coming out, and what can we expect from the new record?

Not sure. Like usual it takes way too long for us to get records available. Even after they are done!

Is the new album still going to be called ‘JC VS TIL’? If so, what brought this on, and what was the inspiration for having such a title?

I’ll answer that after the LP is out and we are all sure that is the title.

I’m sure that you have been asked this before, but what’s happening with this supposed DVD which the band was supposed to have released ages ago. Does it have a release date pencilled in for the new year, and if so, what sort of content can we expect to see within it?

Nothing really. I am just sitting on the footage. The performance that was filmed took place early in the day and I dont think it turned out as I hoped – mostly my fault. We have other films on the horizon. A mini movie.

When can we expect to see The Icarus Line in the UK, and do you have any plans for embarking on a world tour in support of the new album?

Yes, we should be out there at some point.

Considering that The Icarus Line has a history of supporting bands as diverse as Wolfmother, Primal Scream, and Dillinger Escape Plan, what bands are you most looking forward to supporting in future, and what bands would you like to take out on tour with you so as to have them open up as support acts for your shows?

I wish we could just tour alone and be the only band on the bill.

In all of your time within The Icarus Line, can you name a stand out occasion when you thought the band fared really badly during a live show. What happened, and how did you deal with the situation?

Even when we’re bad we’re pretty good. I remember Jeff throwing a potted plant off the stage. It was placed on the stage in front of him during a song by Evan Dando as a prank but Jeff didnt see it that way and hurled this gigantic potted tree off the stage, exploding everywhere. It was pretty spectacular.

What record label are you signed to at the moment?


Aside from your commitments within The Icarus Line, what else do you do during a typical day, and what other projects are you involved in at the moment?

Coffee. Feed the Dogs. Human things.

Is Jeff Watson still in the band?


Finally, why do Jason DeCorse and James Striff choose to keep such a low profile by not giving interviews, and by not allowing themselves to engage with the media on a more frequent basis?

Well I guess if they wanted you to know then you would, right?

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