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February 8, 2012

Aaron North AWOL?

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It seems that there’s still no forthcoming news about Aaron North’s Jubilee project. As of this moment, Jubilee’s MySpace page hasn’t been logged into since 25/04/2011 (nearly a year ago), and the band’s official site hasn’t received an entry since 12 July 2010.

Even the ever-reliable FuckYeahAaronNorth Tumblr account has nothing new to add, with their last post having been posted in November last year. Even then, it’s just reminiscing about Aaron North’s days when he was in NIN.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a band lose traction so quickly. Seems like only yesterday when Jubilee were being tipped for big things.

I know that there was meant to be a scheduled interview between Aaron North and Giant Drag’s Annie Hardy recently, but to my knowledge, nothing has come of that yet – apart from a “Grab Bag” being auctioned off on Ebay.

Anyway, in slightly more Icarus Line related news, Annie Drag had really nice things to say about Joe Caradamone last year. You can read the start of the interview here, but she does talk about Joe and the gang’s liking for Giant Drag’s new record. She says that “Joe always has this way of saying the nicest things that he thinks about people to anybody but that person. I love Joe though. He’s weird, but so am I. He was the one common denominator throughout all the shit that was going down, like getting dropped – Joe was always there whether it was sleeping on my floor or because we were friends. Joe I’m sure was more invested in the record when it was being made than I was. I’m going to keep it on the positive side of Joe, Joe really loves that record. I remembered just recently – my memory was jogged – that this record was not supposed to be what it is. It was kind of meant to be this declaration of independence of well, if people leave all the time I’ve probably got abandonment issues so I’m just going to go it alone and anyone that wants to come in and play they can do that; I’m not going to get too attached because they might quit.

I think Joe’s version of the record will come out along with the four-track demoes, along with my version of the record. I think he is so attached that he is afraid that someone will alter the finished product, that for some reason I can’t get a fucking release date on even though next week we [Giant Drag] are going to be on a TV show [Pretty Little Liars] with 13 million viewers and we have absolutely nothing to promote or sell or anything but the same old shit that was there when Hearts & Unicorns came out. It’s so frustrating! I want to put the cigarette that’s in my hand right now out on my face just thinking about it! That’s why I came over here to kick it with Carolyn [Schoenburg – Giant Drag’s new bassist] and start recording because the music business has become so weird and dishevelled and non-existent, people just want music, want it now and want it for free. I should give them some. I want my record out just as bad as anyone else — but I want my version out.

I’ve straight up sent that record in zip format or whatever to many a person and the one common thread was that everyone had a favourite song that was different, which was cool. Everybody said at first that they had to get used to the fact that this is what Giant Drag sounds like now and then they couldn’t stop listening to it. The whole point is that you don’t know what Giant Drag sounds like now because I don’t know what Giant Drag sounds like now. Last night it sounded like me, Carolyn and Alvin [de Guzman] from Icarus Line who is not on tour with them ’cause he has to work, jamming in my bedroom which sounded good!

There’s also a little bit about Aaron North in that interview too. So it seems like he’s still alive (and kicking) after all then…

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